HP-C Plus 0.3mm 0753 Fluid Needle


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HP-C Plus 0.3mm Fluid Needle for HP-C / BC / CP / BCP / CH / TR0 / TR1 / K-TR

This part fits the following models:

  • Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC Plus airbrush
  • Iwata HP-C 50th Anniversary airbrush Limited Edition
  • Iwata HP-C airbrush
  • Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush
  • Iwata Kustom CH airbrush
  • Iwata Kustom TR airbrush
  • Iwata Revolution TR0 airbrush
  • Iwata Revolution TR1 airbrush


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